Reproductive Health Zines

Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom
by Catherine Marie Jeunet

Herbal abortion procedures and practice for midwives and herbalists! A guide for practiced herbalists and midwives to better serve the women of their communities. Beautifully illustrated with botanical drawings from Gerard's Herbal and other early texts. The time is now for us to learn from lost and forgotten knowledge that was once so basic and common. Eberhardt brings us another pamphlet about abortion history at a time when such knowledge is so critical and important.

I'm Not Ready: the Care, Complications and Contradictions of Experiencing an Abortion
by Elie Katzenson

Six firsthand accounts of abortions from people with a wide range of backgrounds, a mix of autobiographical accounts, poems, and vivid descriptions of sensations and emotions. "Abortions can happen to any person with XX chromosomes, and the abortion experience should be considered with respect, love and thoughtful observation." In the second half, there's a comprehensive listing of abortion laws and restrictions in every US state, territory, and military base, showing a huge range of reproductive rights (and the precarity of those rights) that people in this country experience. 

I Deserve Good Things: A Guide to Abortion Support
by Ashley Hartman Annis

For those facing the decision of whether and how to get an abortion, Ashley Hartman Annis offers resources and information that can help pregnant people navigate the morass of restrictions, state laws, and stigmas that stand in the way of accessing fundamental reproductive rights.

From information on the many different kinds of abortion care available, to frameworks for helping pregnant folks think about which approach makes the most sense for them, to advice on after-care plans and ways for partners to support pregnant people, this zine covers it all. A powerful resource in the hands of pregnant people, and in the hands of activists seeking to help others access their fundamental reproductive rights, this zine can help folks think about abortion and help them through the process, no matter what the theologians and fascists on the Supreme Court have to say about the matter.

Free to Choose: A Women's Guide to Reproductive Freedom
by Esther Eberhardt

This pro-choice zine is an introduction to the history of underground abortion and a call to learn our history and to take matters in our own hands.

It includes some information on menstrual extraction and a list of resources to learn more. Reproductive choice is not a "right" to be granted or withdrawn. "To know our history is to begin to see how to take up struggle again." Exceptionally well written and researched. If you are looking for more information about these topics, this is timely and relevant!

Birth Control, Synthetic Hormones and You
by Ashley Hartman Annis

If you want to quit hormonal birth control, this zine is your manual for deciding whether or not to do it, making the transition, and working towards a healthier period while still not getting pregnant!

One thing this zine does *not* do is try to convince you not to use the pill, patch, IUD, or whatever you need to get through your life with all your options and agency intact. It also doesn't shame you for using synthetic hormones for gender-affirming purposes (or any other reason). 

What it *does* do is help you weigh the pros and cons of going off your hormonal birth control method. Then if you decide to go forward, it helps you make a plan to detox the hormones with the minimum possible side effects, and continue to take charge of your reproductive and whole body health. 

How to Make Your Very Own Menstrual Pads
by Ashley Hartman Annis

Industry produced pads and tampons contain Dioxin, one of the most dangerous and toxic chemicals on the planet; known to cause cancer and birth defects. Commercial tampons also contain rayon, which encourages the overgrowth of yeast and bacteria. The tampon industry alone makes more than $7 million per year off of their customers.

One alternative is reusable cloth maxipads. These pads are sewn from 100% cotton (preshrunk). They contain a removable, absorbent insert (choose thick or thin insert to your preference), and they have wings with snaps for extra soaking and staying power. The underside has a slot for the insert, so you can always add more padding, should you need some. Health is more important than convenience in our opinion. You will have to wash them after each use so when you're not at home, you can carry a plastic bag with you, and save them for when you get home.

Boycott the industry and start loving your body! Punk rock! Comes with instructions and information about why someone would choose reusable pads as an alternative.

Seasons: The Power of Witnessing the Loss and Grief of a Miscarriage
by Velvet Back

A new zine from Velvet Back which explores the power of witnessing the loss and grief of miscarriage.

  • Cover is printed on shimmery silver pearl card stock 
  • 16 main pages printed on white paper
  • 18 mini pages printed on natural unbleached paper
  • Printed and assembled in Oregon

Let's Talk About Your Uterus
by Ashley Hartman Annis

This thorough and informative zine gives a responsible walkthrough of FAM—Fertility Awareness Method. FAM teaches menstruators to use fertility signs as a highly accurate form of birth control (more accurate than condoms when used correctly!). Let's Talk About Your Uterus: Body Conscious Birth Control is such a great resource about this empowering topic of reclaiming fertility, and is complete with helpful diagrams and drawings!

Awesome Ovaries
by Ashley Hartman Annis & Caitlin McMurtry

Facts and drawings that explain your uterus, periods, ovulation, getting pregnant, the little-discussed "clear flow", vulvas and penises, the clitoris, hormones, what it means to be intersex, how to track and manage your period, safe and unsafe touch, and MORE. The authors don't treat this stuff like it's shameful, they don't conflate your body parts with your gender, and they treat periods like a superpower.

I learned more from reading this zine than I did in 12 years of "Sex Ed"

Menstruation Sensation
by Alyssa Beers/GladRags

A Practical Guide to Navigating the World of 21st Century Menstruation and Alternative Menstrual Products

  • So what exactly is your period?
  • What are the options for care that will help you function like 'normal'?
  • How are others, like and unlike yourselves, dealing with their own monthly visitor?”

If you have questions like this, this friendly, conversational zine is your new best friend! Topics covered include “Anatomy 101,” “Types of Reusable Menstrual Products,” “Startling Facts about Disposable Menstrual Products,” and much, much more!

This informative, heavily-illustrated guide to your monthly cycle is lookin' out for you with heaps of helpful advice, myth bustin', and additional reading. Totally fun and totally usable!

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