Sexual Health Zines

Disability & Sexuality: An Introductory Guide for Sex Educators & Able-Bodied Allies
by Ashley Hartman Annis

A brief introduction to the theory and practice of taking the ableism out of sex education. Starting with some basic concepts and terms (like "intersectionality" and "compulsory able-bodiedness"), moving on to a couple of moving, instructional poems, a primer on disability justice and the difference between "sex life" and sexual culture, and finishing up with some practical talk about sex toys. A solid grounding to launch from as you begin to educate yourself as much as you need about this neglected topic.

Go Fuck Yourself: DIY Sex Toys & Gender Bending Devices
by Annie Danger

Go Fuck Yourself is a pro sex, trans friendly DIY sex toy making guide; reusing scraps like inner tubes and everything from restraints to strap-ons to whips, dildos, tit clamps and even a detailed instruction of how to make a tit/clit pump from an auto brake bleed kit! Lots of instructions and info on safety too.

Sex Without Roles: Transcending Gender
by Eli Sachse

How much of your sex life is informed by gender norms that you may not even be conscious of? Eli Sachse's zine is all about learning to explore your sexuality in a healthier way, with great boundaries and consent, whether by yourself, with strangers, or with trusted others. This zine is a thoughtful friend with good. advice, helpful phrases ("No, thank you," is a favorite), and a nonjudgmental perspective of having been there and done all those things. The zine is especially written for people who are exploring their gender identity or beginning to transition, and is also valuable reading for anyone who wants to be a better sexual partner to themselves and others.

Unfuck Your Anilingus: How to Keep Your Oral Butt Sex Stuff Classy
by Dr. Faith G. Harper

Rim your way to success with this small but mighty zine covering the whats, whys, and hows of oral-anal pleasure. It doesn't have to be gross, it can totally be safe and hygienic, and it can help you learn to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Dr. Faith, author of Unfuck Your IntimacyUnfuck Your Blowjobs, and Unfuck Your Cunnilingus, draws on her expertise as a certified sexologist to walk you through the science of what makes this particular sexual activity so stimulating, the practical logistics of how to munch butts for maximum mutual enjoyment, and a lot of tips about keeping things clean, relaxing your sphincter, and not catching various diseases while doing so. Shockingly, not much has been written or published on this stimulating topic, and this zine pushes our cultural conversation about butt stuff forward in a progressive and practical way. 

Dick Ain't Shit: A Pussy Powerful Manifesto for Better Sex Now
by Sarah Friedman

What could possibly be more important than understanding our own bodies and knowing how to have sexual pleasure? This handy zine details the basic facts for you: No one is going to teach you how to orgasm or masturbate, so you best start teaching yourself! And once you know what you like, you can teach your partner! Sometimes we have to take a few steps further back and look at whose body we are paying attention to during sex, the importance of both internal and external stimulation, and an understanding of the “experts” throughout history that led us to this belief that vaginal intercourse is the only sex and it works best for pleasure because it’s “natural.” Essential reading.

BDSM FAQ: Your Antidote to Fifty Shades of Grey
by Dr. Faith G. Harper

Microcosm bestseller Dr. Faith is a counselor who helps a lot of people figure out their big questions in life. And one of the biggest ones she gets, like all the time, is from people who saw or read 50 Shades and think "that sounds hot AF" and want to try out some of the stuff in it but don't know where to start. Or they're worried about what it says about them that they think it sounds sexy to get tied up or tie up their partner. Or they want to do it and their partner doesn't or vice versa.  So she wrote this guide answering all her most frequently asked questions about BDSM—which, by the way, stands for a few different things, including Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, Sadism & Masochism. There's a lot of other lifestyle lingo in there too, and science-based knowledge about kink play and why people are into it, and a ton of good, solid advice for deciding if and how to explore this side of your sexuality. At the end, there's a little life snippet from an anonymous friend who describes healthy and unhealthy BDSM relationships she's experienced and seen. This is all essential stuff to know, whether you've been trying this out on your own casually, are starting to get into a scene, or even if you're just curious what it's all about! Be safe, respect yourself and others, and communicate, communicate, communicate!

STI FAQ: Keep Calm and Learn Real Facts About Sexually Transmitted Diseases
by Dr. Faith G. Harper, Aaron Sapp MD, MBA and Bonnie Scott MS, MA, LPC

This zine covers the medical aspects: How do you know if you have one? How do they test? How are they treated?

Then there's the potentially even-more important questions: How do you deal when you do have one? Who do you tell and what do you say and when (yes, there's a script)? How do you avoid passing it along in the future? How do you forgive everyone involved and get on with your sexy life?

Sexing Yourself: Masturbation for Your Own Pleasure
by Dr. Faith G. Harper 

Microcosm Publishing bestseller Dr. Faith takes on the fabulous topic of... masturbation! In her usual style of combining hilariousness with science, she breaks down the history of societal shame around self-pleasure, and offers practical and straightforward whys and hows of exploring your sexuality on your own time. From the benefits of learning all the ins and outs of your own sexual response to a candid guide to shopping for and using sex toys, she addresses the needs of cis and trans folks, busts some myths, and gives some guidelines for talking to your kids about masturbation. She even includes book recommendations! There's a lot to this little zine, whether you're an experienced masturbator or a recent escapee from a fundamentalist cult. 

Sex Tools: Getting Your Groove on Safely, Pleasurably, and Satisfyingly
by Dr. Faith G. Harper

Also known as sex toys or sexual aids, these essential tools for the good life include such devices as dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, scarves, ticklers, needles, and whatever your awesomely dirty mind can devise for the enhancing of sexual pleasure.