Tarotorial by Raven & Rogue

Tarot demystified: Beginner-friendly and intuitive Tarot deck that is perfect for anyone.

Say goodbye to confusion and start understanding the power of Tarot like never before. No more stumbling and tripping over yourself when trying to read Tarot cards. This essential Tarot deck for beginners provides comprehensive descriptions of all 78 cards, from major and minor arcana to the traditional Rider Waite Smith artwork. It has everything you need to be the Tarot reader of your dreams!

Secondly, you'll find all the symbols and meanings for each card to get you up to speed with this magical art. And, like flashcards, each card in this deck comes with the upright and reversed meanings for easy reference. Above all, it's everything you need to enhance your Tarot reading experience at your fingertips!

In addition to being perfect for beginners and those who are neurodiverse, Tarotorial® eliminates any need to look up information in books. As a result, you can master Tarot reading like a professional, in a matter of hours. In fact, the text-based descriptions allow one to understand the meanings without having to rely on visual interpretation, making it that much easier.

Tarotorial® is a great introductory Tarot deck for beginners. And, it serves as a powerful refresher for experienced Tarot readers and teachers.