Blue Beard Oracle

A mysterious and menacing suitor … Promise of a life of luxury… A forbidden room… Bloody murder in a chamber of horrors!

“Bluebeard,“ along with its variations, unfolds like the perfect murder mystery, so much so that it has been multiply adapted in literature, theater, and film over the years. Bluebeard and it’s close relative tales take us through their horrific discoveries in that classic fairytale way where we must suspend our disbelief and follow along; however, the events that unfold in these tales feel considerably more rooted in reality than many stories in the genre, their events grotesque yet much more plausible. Discover what you think these stories are really saying in the Bluebeard Oracle.

13 image cards + title card
2.25" x 3.5"
playing card coating
In labelled tin with sliding lid
Mini booklet with card meanings