The Crystal Witch: Part II

In Part II, Bee will cover the practical methodologies, techniques and applications one may use to incorporate crystals and stones into their spellcraft.

Students will leave with a working knowledge of correspondences based on purpose and planetary rulership through which they may efficiently choose which crystals to work with according to their purpose. These will be demonstrated through examples of crystal grids and spells.

Bee will even include a crystal starter kit each student can incorporate into their practice based on their sign's planetary rulership.

This second class is vital and should not be missed!


Bee Sampson is a Brooklyn based swamp witch hailing from Florida and their folk magic practice is rooted in the earth, their heritage and plain common sense. They have studied and worked with herbs, crystals and curios for years and are happy to share their expertise. Bee is the founder of niche perfume brand Venus Invictus and founder and curator of Swamp Witch Curios, an ethically sourced collection of animal curios available to all. They offer readings using Astrology, Numerology & Crystal Casting and have helped many clients further understand themselves and their path in life. Bee has also worked as the resident in-store witch at Catland for years; supporting, educating, building community and welcoming newcomers to our ever growing family.

You can follow their story on IG @venus_invictus and TikTok @catlandbooks.