The Kemetic Tarot: Veil of Aset Edition

The Kemetic Tarot is based on the most powerful Egyptian magic discovered: The Book of Going Forth by Day (also known as The Egyptian Book of the Dead), a book of spells and ritual magic designed to assist the traveler's soul (ka) on its journey from the mortal world to the spiritual world of the afterlife (the Duat), and finally on to eternal life in Paradise (the Aaru).

The following features are only found in The Kemetic Tarot: Veil of Aset Edition:

  • 81 card deck, with bonus Major Arcana cards
  • 80 mm x 134 mm (approx.) card size (25+% larger than standard cards)
  • Double-layer embroidered velvet/satin card-carrying bag
  • Gold-foil-stamped card backs and card faces, and gold-gilded card edges
  • The Kemetic Tarot: Veil of Aset expanded guidebook
  • The Veil of Aset: Tales of the Goddess new book
  • Red jasper stone tjet (Knot of Aset) protective amulet
  • Gold-foil-stamped designer storage case

The Kemetic Tarot: Veil of Aset Edition features the rich, vibrant art of The Kemetic Tarot, with larger cards that showcase more detail than ever. All the cards are gold-foil-stamped (both sides) with gold-gilded edges. The full-color guidebook has been expanded to include dozens of stories of the Kemetic Gods (the Neteru), and a brand new book has been added: The Veil of Aset: Tales of the Goddess, containing several stories of the Goddess herself, from the ancient sources.

The Kemetic Tarot infuses traditional tarot archetypes with ancient Egyptian magic. The cards tell the story of the Fool, the scribe Ani, on his journey through the mortal and supernatural worlds, on his quest for eternal life. The Neteru cards (Major Arcana) embody the powerful forces represented by Kemetic deities and supernatural powers, such as the great goddess Aset (Isis) and the god Ausar (Osiris), among others. The Remet cards (Minor Arcana) focus on Kemetic suits of ankhsscarabsscepters, and swords, which link directly to the traditional suits of other tarot decks.

The Kemetic Tarot: Veil of Aset Edition comes in a foil-stamped designer storage case.