The Phytotherapy Desk Reference

This updated and expanded 6th edition of The Phytotherapy Desk Reference is a reliable and popular desk reference for the busy herbalist. With some fascinating new herb additions, this book contains precise descriptions for a total of 233 of the most used herbs in Western Herbal Medicine.

Within its pages, the book allows practitioners quick access to reliable therapeutic actions and indications for each herb, and the information has been organized to be an extremely accessible and valuable clinical tool.

Each herb also has a short monograph with the primary active constituents, the qualities of the herbs, known drug interactions and any cautions and contradictions, as well as the recommended dosage for liquid intake. This desk reference is also a valuable tool for students, with its concise information and easy access when studying.

Designed for ease of use in a busy practice, this book is wire bound so it stays open on the correct page. Popular with both students and practitioners, users can instantly locate indications, therapeutic actions and herb-drug interactions whilst with a patient.