The Witch's Yearly Planner

2023 Dated Planner
7x9" / Weekly Planner interior / 187 Pages

Gold Wire Binding / Gold Foil cover

Epic Black Cover + Uncoated Cream White 70T

Written by Melissa Jayne Madara
Designed and produced by Open Sea Design Co.

The Witch's Yearly Planner will help you chart a magical course through 2023. With twelve months of correspondences, rituals, and exercises, you will develop and sharpen an important set of magical skills and immerse yourself in the folklore of each month as the earth around you shifts and changes. No matter your path, tradition, or experience with magic, The Witch's Yearly Planner is a guide to deepening your craft, creating useful magical tools, and developing a seasonally-guided practice of your own design.

- Calendar of Feasts, Festivals and Sabbats
- Astrological Events
- Yearly Overview for 2023 and 2024
- Monthly Correspondences
- Monthly Ritual
- Monthly Overview
- Monthly page with lists for: budget, important dates, priorities, goals, and manifestations.
- Weekly pages with habit tracker

Each book is printed and bound in New York City. And we mean it. Once the materials (paper, wires, chipboard, foil) arrive, the planner fully comes to life within the 5 Bouroughs.

Melissa Jayne Madara is a witch, chef, botanist, and storyteller. They are a partner at Catland Books, Brooklyn's little witch shop, where they serve as an educator, diviner, and curator of Catland's courtyard garden. In addition, Melissa is the editrix of Catland's house-published arts and occulture journal, Venefica Magazine. Melissa's writing and commentary has been published in Venefica (V2 & V4) as well as in Susie Magazine (Issue 1) , Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine (Volumes 5 & 7), and in their premiere book, The Witch's Feast.