Treatise on the Great Art

The work which we present to the public is the result of a comparative study of the writings of the Spagyric Philoso phera of all times, schools and nationalities, and not merely a summary of the author's personal ideas on the subject; it is a monument of patient research, representing over a quarter of a century of investigation. The writer has care fully analyzed the classical compositions of the Masters, preserving with religious care the dogmas upon which they all agree, and setting aside their contradictions, basing himself upon the axiom that Truth, when once discovered, is the same for all, while error only ofiers opportunity for discussion.' Pernety, following the example of Trévisan, has compared with an extreme attention the Greek, Alexan drian, Arab, French, German, Dutch, English, Kabbalistic, Rosicrucian and Islamic schools of Hermetism,presenting the synthesis of their doctrines in the lucid manner so characteristic of the French savant, by nature the mortal enemy of all that which is obscure and incomprehensible.

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