Witch's Feast Perfume

A mysterious perfume from Phoenix Botanicals inspired by bread masks worn at spring carnival in a small village and seductively aromatic kitchen herbs rich in magical traditions. Created in collaboration with Melissa Jayne Madara, author of the new book ‘The Witch’s Feast: A Kitchen Grimoire.

  • Notes:
    Greek Bay leaf tincture + smoke, Sourdough bread accord, Wild Mint and Mugwort Flowers, Cardamom, Apple, Juniper, Oak leaf, Mushroom, Beeswax, Oudh
  • Ingredients:
    Organic Cane Alcohol, Infused Botanicals + Smoke, Essential oils and Absolutes, Beeswax
  • Infused with a Selenite crystal for clarity
  • Label features a meal blessing sigil, created by Melissa.
"A mask baked of bread, to chase winter away,
Bay leaves for prophecy at the oracle of Delphi
Apple and Cardamom love magic,
Mint flowers for Venus,
Juniper for Jupiter,
Mugwort for dreaming,
Spells whispered into the bark of an oak tree,
A sacred feast by candlelight."