Flowers from the Dead Deck

Flowers from the Dead Deck


From death comes life....

This is a divination tool in the form of cards. What inspired this deck was a find a flea market, a fortune teller deck from the 1930's with clean simple art and one word meanings. Different from a tarot deck but similar enough to use with ease.

Each card represents an animal and that animal represents a feeling, quality or personality trait, Great for finding a person's spirit animal, what qualities are missing from their life and what is in store for that person in the future. 

Readings are fairly simple, unlike the super intricate storytelling elements of tarot you'll have no more than 2 words to go off of for the meaning. So it can pair well with a tarot deck but I also feel like it will build confidence in the reader and give more opportunities to trust your instincts, more connection with your subject when you're not fumbling through a book! 


Cards are 2.75" x 4.75

Cards will not come with a booklet since the meaning is on the card. They come with a muslin bag to keep them in and shrink wrapped.

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